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Oct. 4th, 2010

Wut up FoO?

(no subject)

I am in an epic battle with own self lately..

Dec. 2nd, 2009

I'm very emo.

(no subject)

So yesterday I finally got rid of that horrid horrid little apartment! I didn't even give a pooop if they gave me any part of my deposit back - I just wanted out. I am getting a nice chunk back right in time for xmas.

I'm so unmotivated lately. Spent Thanksgiving without Ben. His dad is back. It's been fairly cordial so far but he is talking court still. "I flew out to see him several times!" "okay, how about that year you disapeared?" Whatevs..

I love my house. I met my immediate neighbor she told me her and her husband have been living here for 35 years and most of the neighbors have been here for a really long time also. Although, my laundry room does have "fuck the police" (spelled incorrectly but I forget their incorrect spelling) tagged on the inside wall - I think this neighborhood is great. I need to get a security alarm. :o) It's quiet but we are living in the ghetto.

I've got a sore throat and my sinus' hurt. lame!

I'll be 31 in a week. YIKES!!


Nov. 3rd, 2009

I'm very emo.

(no subject)

Sooo! I got a house! Renting, of course but it's a house with a biig back yard! I'm still totally incredibly mucho mucho excited.. even with all the packing I've been doing!
I receive the keys tomorrow. wooo hoooooo

Ben turns 5 YEARS OLD on Saturday. 5! He is the biggest mommies boy/(say slash)asshole! I adore him! He has such an attitude and all his imaginary play is violent and mad and sad. It's out of control! He IS A BOY. On the otherhand he loves to give me hugs and kisses. I went to his class the other day and he saw me and just starred at me with the biggest smile on his face, completely ignoring his teacher.

Patrick and his fam are coming up for Ben's birthday this weekend. I think he's coming to help me move and curiousity to see me HOUSE. (it's a very tiny 2 bedroom house but it's a house!) So, I'm relieved.

I'm so busy these days - I'm rarely busy so to have 10 things to do during lunch and 10 things to do after work and 100 things to do while I'm AT work.. It's actually pretty exhilierating because it's ALL for a better, bigger purpose!

I made it to the 2nd round of interviews for the Level 7 job at my work! Although, I think everyone who applied in my department received a 2nd interview. My boss is totally supportive though. I just really really like that man. He's a really great boss. Totally a douch bag but he's fiercely protective when it comes to me. I certainly won't be heartbroken if I don't get the Level 7. Besides the starting pay isn't more than what will be making once my next raise comes (any week now).

School! ugh.. I'm already behind! Tragic.

Oct. 22nd, 2009

Smack that ass!

(no subject)

I bought a new laptop today. I received extra monies from my financial aid for school and since my desktop is 5 years old and just last week it died. I had to do a total reboot thingie and I lost all my programs on the computer. Luckily it backed up all my Ben baby pictures! I need to get an external harddrive next so I can store everything there. Anyways, it's great. It has Windows 7 on it - I hadn't heard of Windows 7 until LAST WEEK. How out of the loop am I?!?!?

Everything is great. Last week was our vacation. It was AMAZING. Perfect vacation in my book. The first 4 days we did NADA. We slept, played, and by the 4th day were SUUUPER bored. The 5th day I replaced 3 tires on my car and drove down south so Patrick and Rehana's. Patrick, myself, Ben, and my nephew Zaki spent the a full day at Legoland. Which is a 4/5 year olds DREAM. Their was minimal whinning and tons of ride riding. My fat arse even went down a slide.. a tiiiiny slide..
My neice is heaven. I adore that little girl. I wish I could live near her.. she is so cute and sweet and soooo freaking carefree. She is the opposite of Ben and Zaki. She's just a girl and she's there to have fun and nothing bothers her. She is just over 1 years old and held her own with the boys. Followed them around and when they attempted rough housing she was like COOL! and smiled the whole time. I want a little giiiiiiiiiirl sooo bad! ahahha
My biological clock has been ticking like crazy for a girl. Sad... but I appreciate what I have.

I guess that's all for now.

mmm I was going to post a pic of Ben and Aalia *neice* but it's taking forever to email from my camara to my email. Lame.


Oct. 14th, 2009

Listen to meeeee!

(no subject)

Oh and my tires.. two of them seem to have a slow leak. One has turned into a quick leak. I don't know if my neighbors have messed with them, or if the horrid state of the roads in this hellish city has hurt them but they are still under warranty so hopefully they are repairable. I hope I don't have to replace completely.

I'm really really bored tonight.

A "level 7" job has opened up in my department! I am sooo applying for it. I'm on pretty equal playing grounds. Everyone who may apply has been with in their position for as long me or maybe a touch *6 months* longer then myself. My boss has tons of pull so if he puts a good word in for me I've got a good chance at it. The job is actually a lead position so I would have more employees under me. The "department" already had a lady who is the same level as I am - who has been stepping into the position since they hired a new director so it is actually HER job to get but I plan to take it. I think that other then the fact that she knows frozen food better then I do - she's a dingbat and she isn't smarter or more capable of doing the job better then me. I have tons of confidence going into this. Even if I don't get the job - I still put it out there to everyone that I want to move up.

Of course, I had planned on moving away from here next summer but if this job comes through I am staying.

Depending on how bad things get with Nacho. I forsee police involvement in my dreams for some reason.
I'm very emo.

(no subject)

My vacation is going really well. We've done uhm.. nothing. However, I hope to get a couple of tires fixed tomorrow and then drive down south for a visit and Legoland on Saturday. Ben is for SURE going stir crazy but it's been raining so all our fun has been indoor activities like the movies, shopping, the play area at the mall. Today we played super heroes. He died during one portion and I thought it'd be funny to rescue him by dragging him back into the "bat cave" -- he ended up with rug burn on his chest. Sooooo that didn't turn out well.

Oct. 11th, 2009

Smack that ass!

(no subject)

I decided to get a flu shot in hopes that I won't be as sick this winter. Unfortunately, I am sick now from it! The lady tried to tell me I wouldn't but I did. Eh who cares because I am on VACATION!

One glorious week of not working. I'm not doing a darn thing except maybe go south to visit family for a little bit. Ben is out of school also - fall break? We never had nonsense like that when I was growing up.

Oct. 4th, 2009

Today sucks!

(no subject)

I told Nacho yesterday I hadn't received a call from his family asking to see Ben since he came for leave. His sister told him today that they've been constantly calling and inviting ben over!!! and that I never answer my phone or call back! and THEN HE ACCUSED ME OF LYING!!

WHAT PURPOSE DOES IT SERVE ME TO NOT LET BEN SEE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????

Sep. 22nd, 2009

I'm very emo.

(no subject)

Know what I find frustrating?

The 2nd night Ben was back from his week n a half with Nacho he forgot his blanket in the living room. I told him to go get it. He said "no, I'm scared" -- since then Ben has not let that phrase go for nothing! He says he scared of everything! He was NEVER like this before. I know Nacho was joking around him with him asking him if he was scared and now Ben has taken it on that he's actually scared when he's not or wasn't or wouldn't have ever of been.

Sep. 20th, 2009

I'm very emo.

(no subject)

I'm just a mess lately. I can't seem to get myself together. It's okay though. The busier work gets and the older Ben gets the less time I have to think about things - which is a good thing. mmmmm but this also leads to forgetfulness.. which has lead me why I am such a mess lately.

It has nothing to do with Nacho -- just me. Me and my fighting myself on things. I am so naturally prone to self destruction. It's a struggle to keep myself doing the right thing sometimes. Craaazy..

Ben is 4. He'll be 5 in a month. I have personally cut this kids hair pretty much faithfully every month since he was 10 months old. WHY does he still cry bloody murder when I cut his hair!!!!?? I swear, a neighbor will call the police on me someday. It is bad and the only time he flips out like this. Other times he's just very whiny. He lets out blood curdling screams. I got new clippers thinking maybe the old ones hurt but how many times I can I buy new clippers? He just doesn't like to get his hair cut! I took him to a beauty school last month to get his hair cut. He freaked out but no screaming. Maybe that is what I need to do from now on. Expensive.. well 6 dollars isn't really that expensive. It's still more than free at home, you know.. the months that I haven't bought a new pair of clippers.

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